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How to be lean for the rest of your life

Many athletes struggle with their bodyfat levels. A lean body is a prime goal for athletes in most sports, partly for aesthetics, but also for performance. Having lots of extra bodyfat is inefficient, since you carry extra weight that isn’t

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Altering the tempo of dips for huge triceps

Time under tension is a parameter that can be used to enhance the muscle hypertrophy response from lifting weights. Lifting slowly, ensuring that tension is kept high across the muscle fibres for a longer period of time, can definitely help

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Snatch grip deadlifts

I’ve read many on the internet talk about snatch grip deadlifts from a raised platform (4″ and more), and how they’re the best lift for hypertrophy, and for building mass. Snatch grip deadlifts are often touted as the key to

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Is this the best lift for swimmers?

Swimming is crazy hard. It takes a ton more of energy to swim from point A to point B than it does to run the same path. The guys who get really good at swimming need to make sure they

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You can lift 600lbs within a year

If you’re reading this blog, you’ve probably also come across a lot of videos of YouTube of epic 600lb lifts. This guy’s deadlift and this dude’s squat are good examples. If you lift a lot, you also hopefully have high aspirations in

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Hard work and perseverance

I have been lifting now for about 6 months and recently went to the gym with a work colleague. I took her straight over to the weights section and immediately she mentioned how intimidated she felt. I didn’t even register

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5 great instructional videos for the Olympic lifts

When it comes to lifting a lot of weight at an impressive speed, Olympic lifters are the kings. Here are some of my favourite videos when trying to explain the Olympic lifts in a safe manner. California Strength explain the

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