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How do bench press and overhead press maxes relate?

I’m super-excited to say that this is our first article that included us branching out to you guys and asking you to help us out. It’s our first piece of original research on lifting. We all know that the bench

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The Olympic Lifting Myth: Why power cleans won’t make you powerful… in anything except the power clean

As a sprinter, I see a lot of funny things go on in other athletes’ training regimes. Without wanting to offend too many folks, a lot of sprinting coaches in the UK simply don’t have a clue what they’re doing

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The Hypertrophy Guide v2.0

I wanted to make a new version of the guide I wrote last year about muscle growth, because looking back on it, I think there are too many things I want to add to merely make a load of updates

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How to break plateaus in your bench press and overhead press (and pretty much any other lift you want)

I used to have a real hard time improving my upper body strength in the last year up until this October. My bench press was stuck at a pitiful 85kg one rep max, and I’m not even going to tell

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5 ways to improve your chin-up

The chin-up is one of those eternal lifts that sits within the consciousness of all gym-goers and exercisers out there. It’s a simple movement that we can trace back to our roots as apes – pulling yourself up onto a

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How many reps? The ultimate guide to fast muscle growth

Update: Since publishing this article I’ve written a more complete guide to muscle hypertrophy here, I recommend you go and check that out first and foremost. One of the most common topics I see debated about on the internet is

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Top 10 clean and jerk accidents

If done wrong, the clean and jerk can be quite dangerous, and the following 10 lifters demonstrate this in pretty spectacular style. The lesson from this article is to remember to always stay safe when training, especially with the Olympic

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How to use the single leg press to improve your deadlift

A very common problem that people encounter with the deadlift is that they use their back too much. They concentrate on pulling the bar rather than pressing and extending the hips. Using the hips, legs, and back in equal measure

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Olympic lifting for hypertrophy and power

Update: After experimentation and a lot of reflection I’ve come to the conclusion that Olympic lifting does NOT lend itself to hypertrophy, nor does it develop power outside of the gym. There’s very little time under tension, and although there’s

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Additional strength training for swimmers

In my previous articles I talked about how I thought the weighted overhand pull-up could be a very useful and specific lift for swimmers to develop shoulder strength in the relevant movement patterns. I proposed that a swimmer’s strength in

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