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The perils of diet pills and other quick fixes

Diet pills are surrounded with a lot of dispute but still prove very popular with people looking for a “quick-fix”. They all claim some magical benefit, whether it is suppressing your appetite or boosting your metabolism. They are also expensive (it

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Update: Informal night-shift study

It’s been 4 weeks since I wrote an article about an informal study into working night shifts and the effects it would have on the body. Unfortunately, I only did a fraction of the time (the job was completed a

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An informal study on gains when working night-shifts

As of Sunday I will be working night-shifts for 4 weeks. I don’t mind this for some extra cash before Christmas, but I am worried about the effect it might have on my gains. Through the day your body releases

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Leangains – slow and steady approach to muscle building

We all know there are many, many methods kicking about to build muscle, gain strength and cut fat; but not many that claim to do all three. Leangains is a great tool to use when you are trying to do

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Hard work and perseverance

I have been lifting now for about 6 months and recently went to the gym with a work colleague. I took her straight over to the weights section and immediately she mentioned how intimidated she felt. I didn’t even register

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