Glycemic index food list

A food’s glycemic index (GI) is the measure by which it raises the level of glucose in your blood stream. If you’re trying to lose bodyfat while trying to maintain as much lean body mass as possible, it’s generally best to limit your intake of medium and high GI foods.

This is because continually eating high GI foods will overall¬†lower your body’s insulin sensitivity, making it harder for your body to avoid storing digested foods as fat in your body. You could then loosely say that high GI foods are more “fattening”, although this is not strictly true.

If you want to get leaner, and you exercise regularly and lift weights in the gym, then I recommend that you eat low GI foods and foods with very low to zero carbohydrates most of the time. You can, however, eat high GI foods up to (roughly, this isn’t exact) 30 minutes to an hour after your workouts, as your body will have a higher insulin sensitivity, and your muscles will gobble up the carbs and nutrients.

It might be beneficial to aim to get 70% of your daily total carbs in that post-workout window, and the other 30% the rest of the time. The carbs in the post-workout period can be of a higher glycemic index variety, as the insulin spike that comes along will actually benefit your muscle gains.

Low glycemic index foods

Roasted and salted peanuts 14
Low-fat yoghurt 14
Cherries 22
Whole milk 27
Dried apricots 31
Skimmed milk 32
Apples 38
Pears 38
Apple juice 40
Noodles 40
Porridge made with water 42
Oranges 44
Pasta 45
Green grapes 46
Orange juice 46
Baked beans in tomato sauce 48
Milk chocolate 49
Crisps 54
Banana 55

Medium glycemic index foods

Muesli 56
Boiled potatoes 56
Basmati rice 58
Honey 58
Digestive biscuits 59
Pizza (cheese and tomato) 60
Ice cream (most flavours) 61
Raisins 64
Shortbread 64
Croissant 67
Chocolate bar with caramel 68
Wholemeal bread 69

High glycemic index foods

Mashed potato 70
Bagel 72
Breakfast cereal 74-82
Jacket potato 85
Baguette 95
Boiled parsnips 97
White rice 98
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