Interview: Gavin Saiz

Today we got to interview Gavin Saiz, a bodybuilder from Phoenix, Arizona, who competes while serving with the US Air Force stationed in Kaiserslauten, Germany. We were impressed by Gavin’s recent success in  the recent INBF USAG Natural Stuttgart European Championships, so it was really cool to ask him some questions about his story.

I think our readers would like to hear about how you got into bodybuilding. How did you start lifting weights, and what made you decide to become serious about becoming a bodybuilder?

Gavin SaizI started lifting weights in January 2010 during my tour in Iraq. I was your typical skinny guy who was tired of being so little, so I decided this would be a good time to put on some size. My friend at the time and now soon to be brother-in-law, Andrew, was already into lifting weights so we began lifting together. From that moment on, I fell in love with the sport of bodybuilding. I was drawn in by the passion, heart, dedication, self-growth and everything else that bodybuilding is all about.

I notice that you completed a tour of service in Iraq. Do you think your military service has helped with your bodybuilding?

Yes, I was in Iraq since the end of December 2009, until August 2010. I’m not sure if the military was the reason I got into bodybuilding, I believe it was more about the timing. Sure, there wasn’t much else to do in Iraq but lift on days off but what separated me from the rest was how I continued to lift after I got back. I became obsessed with learning as much as I possibly could about training and nutrition. I was determined to constantly improve myself.

You’ve written quite a lot about your preparation for the show in Stuttgart in August. How did that go?

The show I did in August 2012 was my first bodybuilding show, I placed 1st in the middleweight division. Since then I competed in two more shows placing 1st and 3rd.

Are there any areas you want to improve on for your next competitions?

I would like to improve on all areas. The most exciting part about bodybuilding is the next level, there is always more you can do, this really excites me!

Do you have a favourite lift in the gym?

At the moment I’d say heavy squats and deadlifts, those are my favorite.

You can visit Gavin’s website at to find out more about him and his bodybuilding career.

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