Glutamine usage for building muscle

Is glutamine one of the best supplements out there for bodybuilders? As an amino acid, it certainly aids muscle synthesis. But it supposedly also holds many other benefits for those looking to build muscle.

Glutamine supplementation has been found to reduce patient convalescence time. It literally speeds up the healing process for wounds and other injuries and ailments. The anabolic benefits could also be crucial for people with muscle-degenerating illness. Patients with immunodeficiency can also benefit from glutamine, as it is used by white blood cells to maintain a healthy immune system.

It also increases your body’s ability to release growth hormone, a crucial anabolic hormone. Bodybuilders could benefit from this by supplementing glutamine before sleep each night to aid muscle building while the body is in an anabolic state during sleep. Try to take 10-15 grams of glutamine a day for optimal results. Research has shown that a 2g dose of glutamine increased growth hormone secretion four-fold.

Best of all, there are no health risks with a sensible level of consumption. This is because glutamine occurs naturally in most people’s diet already, occurring primarily in meats and other common foods.

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