Leangains – slow and steady approach to muscle building

We all know there are many, many methods kicking about to build muscle, gain strength and cut fat; but not many that claim to do all three.

Leangains is a great tool to use when you are trying to do just that. I have been doing it now for just over a month and can see some effects (small – but that is the point). You are constantly making your body second guess itself. One day it is building muscle, the next it’s burning fat.

It can be as complicated as you like, or you can use it as a guideline to help steer your nutrition and daily diet in the right direction.

For myself, it is perfect as I am not a huge eater – having a set target has helped me hit my macros (of carbs, protein and fat) especially on workout days which are the most important days for me.

Check out leangains.com for more information and to find out about the gent who brought it into into the limelight.

As always, any questions or comments please feel free to reply.

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