Altering the tempo of dips for huge triceps

Time under tension is a parameter that can be used to enhance the muscle hypertrophy response from lifting weights. Lifting slowly, ensuring that tension is kept high across the muscle fibres for a longer period of time, can definitely help your muscles grow bigger.

DipsDips are one of the best lifts for using your chest, shoulders and triceps. They are also fantastic in that they are corrective of shoulder inflexibility. With a slightly narrower grip, a primary movement is elbow extension, achieved using the triceps.

One can therefore use dips to achieve bigger triceps by slowing up the tempo. I recommend a tempo of four seconds in each of the concentric and eccentric phases. Keeping upright ensures maximum use of the triceps with the front deltoids as opposed to the pectorals.

If you find that you can do more than ten full dips, add some weight using a dip belt. I’ve seen Tim Visser using dips to great effect in his strength workouts, and they’re a staple in many bodybuilders’ workout regimes.

So go forth, do heavy dips at least three times a week for a month, enjoy your enormous triceps, and repeat.

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