You can lift 600lbs within a year

If you’re reading this blog, you’ve probably also come across a lot of videos of YouTube of epic 600lb lifts. This guy’s deadlift and this dude’s squat are good examples. If you lift a lot, you also hopefully have high aspirations in the squat and deadlift. Well guess what?

You can squat or deadlift 600lbs within a year, barring injuries or disabilities.

Yep, you read that right. Read that line again a couple of times and say it aloud to let it sink in properly.

With enough hard work and the right attitude, you can certainly develop enough strength in the next year. You’ll need to train a lot though, and accept that squatting at least five days a week (it’s not overtraining, Olympic lifters do this all the time) is what it’ll take.

You’ll also need to treat lifting as a job. It needs to be your passion. It has to be a lifestyle. Your diet will need to change too. Since you’ll be lifting so often, calories will no longer matter to you. But remember to keep junk food to a minimum.

Of course, the need to lift so frequently brings about the question of injuries. If you lift every day, your tendons and ligaments should be fine. Lifting every other day is what can cause damage, since it takes a longer time for your tendons and ligaments to fully recover than your muscles.

Believe in yourself and aim high. Hard work pays off.

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