Snatch grip deadlifts

I’ve read many on the internet talk about snatch grip deadlifts from a raised platform (4″ and more), and how they’re the best lift for hypertrophy, and for building mass. Snatch grip deadlifts are often touted as the key to building a big, thick, and strong back along with encouraging hypertrophy in the standard areas of the body that the deadlift uses. I just wanted to write a few points on why this may be the case:

  • Hormonal response. The tension that the wide grip places across your back is huge, especially as you go heavier with the lift. This enormous tension has to elicit a testosterone release in the body of a relative magnitude, exactly what you want for hypertrophy
  • Longer range of motion. Lifting from a platform means you do more work in the lift to bring it up, meaning more output from your muscles. You’ll also burn more calories with a longer ROM

Here’s a guy doing the snatch grip deadlift in some spectacular socks:

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