Hard work and perseverance

I have been lifting now for about 6 months and recently went to the gym with a work colleague. I took her straight over to the weights section and immediately she mentioned how intimidated she felt.

4945859772_57508c9f76I didn’t even register the feeling when I went over as I had tunnel vision towards the squat rack. In that instance all my memories of when I first started lifting came flooding back and I remembered feeling the exact same.

It had been so long since I registered such emotions that I had forgotten what it felt like at the start. One memory that strikes me still was first getting the courage to walk up to the squat rack at a previous gym and try barbell squats (it was of course placed right in the middle of the weights bit with loads of people around it). I was nervous. What if someone comes over to me and says I am doing it wrong? Perhaps I won’t be able to do it.

Of course, eventually (after about 2 weeks) I decided I was being ridiculous and walked straight over to it and did what I wanted to do. Problem solved. Go in with a plan and determination. I realised that no one is really bothered about anyone else; no one is really looking at what you are doing.

Through time I have felt less intimidated at the gym (especially when I go in, head down and focussed). I didn’t do anything else to try and combat my feelings. It’s a little like heartbreak, each day it hurts less and less except instead of gaining emotional strength you are gaining physical strength.

I’d love to hear your stories, leave a comment below.

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