3 cheap sources of protein

Last article I talked about some expensive sources of protein. Foodstuffs you should try, but not necessarily use on a daily basis for hypertrophy gains. Here are the protein sources you should look for if you’re on a tight budget.

1) Eggs – 4g per egg

Depending on your moral compass, eggs can be dirt cheap or an expensive treat. Battery hen eggs can go as cheap as £1.12 for 10 eggs at some supermarkets, whereas free-range eggs can be quite reasonable at £1.50 for 6, all the way up to £2.50 for certain brands.

2) Beef mince – 26g per 100g

Meat is expensive. Not all of us can afford chicken breast or turkey breast every day, but our bodies need the protein to get bigger muscles. The solution? Beef mince. I recently picked up about half a kilogram of Tesco’s ‘Everday Value’ range for £2.75.

3) Whole milk – 16g per pint

In the animal kingdom, mammal mothers feed their young with milk, to help them grow from the kind of cute things you see on /r/aww into beefy beasts that can fend for themselves. I’ve mentioned GOMAD a couple of times already. You can pick up milk for as cheap as £1 per 4-pinter from Iceland.

Even if you don’t have one of these or a Farmfoods (£1.50 for two 4-pinters last time I checked) nearby, whole milk is hardly expensive at around £1.30 for standard whole milk at most major supermarkets.

And yes, you need to buy whole milk. The saturated fat is good for you – it increases testosterone levels, which means more muscle and strength. Skimmed milk is equivalent to sugared water.

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