How to fall asleep instantly

I’m back! It’s been almost a year since my last post. I’ve been getting rid of articles from this website for the last few weeks, as I feel that some of them weren’t that helpful compared to some of the content I put a lot more effort into. I’ve also revamped the email newsletter so make sure you check that out by subscribing in any of the forms on this page!

How are you sleeping?

Are you getting the full amount of sleep your body needs every night? Or are you taking ages to fall asleep each night, getting just a few hours and waking up groggy, feeling like shit, and reaching for the nearest source of caffeine?

And do you feel jealous of people who just drop straight to sleep as soon as their heads hit the pillow? Read more ›

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How do bench press and overhead press maxes relate?

I’m super-excited to say that this is our first article that included us branching out to you guys and asking you to help us out. It’s our first piece of original research on lifting.

We all know that the bench press and overhead press lifts are related – they’re both pressing movements. But they’re in different movement planes, and therefore involve different limb movements. This means that certain muscles are typically used more than others.

But I was interested in how these lifts were related for individuals in the general lifting population. So I carried out a small survey with SurveyMonkey, and the results were insightful. Read more ›

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The Olympic Lifting Myth: Why power cleans won’t make you powerful… in anything except the power clean

As a sprinter, I see a lot of funny things go on in other athletes’ training regimes. Without wanting to offend too many folks, a lot of sprinting coaches in the UK simply don’t have a clue what they’re doing when it comes to strength training in the gym.

In particular, I see far too many professional sports coaches prescribe the Olympic lifts to their athletes – the power clean and the power snatch – in an effort to make them more powerful on the track or on the playing field.

Here I’m going to explain why that’s not only a waste of time, but even worse – a waste of central nervous system reserves that could be used for their sports-specific training. Read more ›

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The Hypertrophy Guide v2.0

Sean Bean meme

I wanted to make a new version of the guide I wrote last year about muscle growth, because looking back on it, I think there are too many things I want to add to merely make a load of updates to the article.

In addition, I think I really needed to improve on the quality of the guide. Not that it was necessarily bad, but I want you guys to have the best information at your disposal to grow your muscles, and hopefully this article provides it.

There won’t be any specific workouts here for you to adopt, because my desire with this article is to equip you with the basic knowledge you need to make your own workouts, which I believe is a far more powerful idea.

The truth is, achieving muscle growth doesn’t need to be too difficult or complex, and in this article I’m giving you the exact same advice here that I would give to a personal training client whose main goal was muscle growth. Read more ›

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Glycemic index food list

A food’s glycemic index (GI) is the measure by which it raises the level of glucose in your blood stream. If you’re trying to lose bodyfat while trying to maintain as much lean body mass as possible, it’s generally best to limit your intake of medium and high GI foods.

This is because continually eating high GI foods will overall lower your body’s insulin sensitivity, making it harder for your body to avoid storing digested foods as fat in your body. You could then loosely say that high GI foods are more “fattening”, although this is not strictly true.

Read more ›

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How to break plateaus in your bench press and overhead press (and pretty much any other lift you want)

I used to have a real hard time improving my upper body strength in the last year up until this October. My bench press was stuck at a pitiful 85kg one rep max, and I’m not even going to tell you what my overhead press maximum was – it was just embarrassingly small.

While my deadlift went up and up on a consistent basis due to my naturally strong hips, my upper body pressing strength came to a really frustrating sticking point.

I know for a fact that I wasn’t alone in this, and I also know that the majority of you reading this have experienced a bench press sticking point at some point in your lifting career, if you’re not already experiencing it right now. Read more ›

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5 ways to improve your chin-up

Photograph of a man performing a chin-up

The chin-up is one of those eternal lifts that sits within the consciousness of all gym-goers and exercisers out there. It’s a simple movement that we can trace back to our roots as apes – pulling yourself up onto a higher platform.

All lifters should be able to eventually do at least one chin-up, and be able to comfortably handle their own bodyweight when hanging from a bar.

Improving your chin-up brings obvious benefits to bicep and lat strength, but it can also have great benefits for bodybuilders looking for that V-taper. Hanging there on the chin-up bar exerts constant tension across all the muscle groups involved – absolutely fantastic for muscle hypertrophy. Read more ›

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4 awesome weightlifting wallpapers

So I went looking around for lifting wallpapers . My current laptop wallpaper is a classic scene from the original Star Wars, in particular a still from the lightsaber duel between Darth Vader and Ben Kenobi at the end. I thought “no way am I going to change this wallpaper in a million years”, but what’s the harm in a little window shopping? Read more ›

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The perils of diet pills and other quick fixes

tape worm

Diet pills are surrounded with a lot of dispute but still prove very popular with people looking for a “quick-fix”. They all claim some magical benefit, whether it is suppressing your appetite or boosting your metabolism. They are also expensive (it is estimated we spend more than £300 million a year on supplements). Read more ›

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Update: Informal night-shift study

It’s been 4 weeks since I wrote an article about an informal study into working night shifts and the effects it would have on the body. Unfortunately, I only did a fraction of the time (the job was completed a lot quicker than anticipated). Read more ›

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